Saturday, April 29, 2017

*2017: San Diego

Wow. When I look back at my biannual posts on this blog, I am struck at how long ago some of them are!  2017. Ben and I are back in California after 12 years away.  At the end of March we found ourselves back in San Diego for an interview at Point Loma.  We met now about 14 years ago in Point Loma when I was a waitress and he was a very brief bus boy at a restaurant there.  It's a little amazing that we found ourselves back in San Diego after all this time, interviewing for a virtual dream job at his alma mater.  We are living in Temecula - in the somewhat grotesque "inland empire" of Southern California.  I won't use this opportunity to complain about our circumstances. Temecula is actually very beautiful and we've met some good friends here and have attended a wonderful church.

I had planned to write this post before we knew the outcome of the interview, because either way it went, I knew it was a turning point and a moment when we would see God's blessing in either outcome. Is Ben going to be granted by the grace of God a fulfilling and challenging job in higher education or are we going to continue with His plan of a less intellectual, significantly emotionally challenging job as a high school teacher?  I know that nothing happens by accident. God could very well say no to the "dream job" and show us that He is most served by Ben reaching and inspiring impressionable high schoolers.  He got the job. (!)

Anyway, the meal. Which, like I said, was significant whichever way it panned out. The night before the interview, I made reservations at a place in Mission Hills. A dedicated "farm to table" establishment I usually adore and which Ben often rolls his eyes at initially but usually enjoys in spite of himself.  The decor was almost too perfectly artisanal and hipster, but hey - it shows they care. The food - amazing. Ben's appetizer of grilled prawns on polenta with a creamy chipotle sauce and grilled carrots was just.. amazing. I stole about half of it myself. He ordered a cashew (pistachio?) encrusted Ono on top of pureed eggplant and sautéed greens - I got a spring vegetable stuffed ravioli with a cashew cream sauce, roasted beets and baby potatoes.  I ordered one too many glasses of a delicious sauvignon blanc which just offset the cream in my dish. It was perfect. The stress of the coming day was temporarily forgotten as we spent a beautiful night together over a beautiful meal. Grateful for God's goodness to us.


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